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Harry Potter Fanfic Workshop

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HP Workshop is a writer's workshop for Harry Potter fanfics. Because we work with rough drafts, and because we aim to present only our best work publicly, this community is viewable by members only.

While drafts in all stages are welcome, we are primarily concerned with the art of storytelling: narrative pacing, character development, organization and focus, point of view, setting, plot, and background. If you are interested in grammar and spelling help, there are several other communities that will be able to help you. (try fanficbeta or fanfic_help)

If you would like to be added, comment on this entry. By applying to be a part of this community, you're agreeing to abide by the following rules.

1. No whining. We all know that our stories are our babies, and it hurts when someone says they're flawed. If you sign up, though, you're agreeing to listen to what the other members have to say and take it into advisement, NOT whine or argue about it. Listening to your readers' reactions is critical for shaping your story so that you'll provoke the kind of reaction you mean to.

2. Play fair. Keep your comments and critiques to the story itself--what works, what doesn't. No ship wars, no ad hominem remarks, and no wild-eyed rants about someone's chosen kink. Letting the author know that the story failed to convince you that Draco's a dom is one thing; screaming that Draco would *never* wield the whip is another.

3. Adults only. From time to time explicit material may be posted, so please apply only if it's legal in your area for you to read such things. That said, this community is for writers ages 16 and older.

4. Participate. This only works if everyone gets involved. Post your work, offer your comments on others', keep talking.

5. Make uniform posts. Here's the format, shamelessly stolen from artbeta:

Rating: (if R or NC17, list reasons why)
Word count:
Link or LJ-Cut: (please post only WIPs)
Problematic Areas: (what you feel the weak parts of your story are)

Sometimes you can tell what needs work; sometimes you can't. If you know your dialogue is a bit off, this is a good place to let us know to pay extra attention to it.

That's all for now. We look forward to seeing your work!

~ Your mods, twilightsorcery and ravensnow